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What do local tool manufacturing companies want from TASA Gauteng?

To answer that question, TASA Gauteng is embarking on a new venture to gain valuable insight into the current challenges and opportunities of the tooling industry and in so doing, understand how we can better serve our members and effect positive change in their business. The initiative will take on the form of designated Focus Group Sessions in which toolmakers will be able to share their thoughts, opinions and needs, thereby allowing us to gather qualitative information and actionable insights.

The idea behind the initiative was to realign our efforts back to the needs of tooling manufacturers. By understanding what the industry is lacking in terms of growth, productivity and competitiveness, we can work towards finding viable solutions that will bridge the gap and set up tooling companies for a bright future.

TASA Gauteng is appealing to toolmakers in Gauteng to get involved in these Focus Group Sessions, which will be held across the region over the next few months, starting with the East Rand on 23 February 2016.

Visit our Events page to stay updated on Focus Group Sessions taking place in your area