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Membership Benefits

Why should you become a TASA Gauteng Member?

As the only tool and die association that represents and promotes the interests of the tooling manufacturing industry in Gauteng, TASA membership affords many opportunities for tool companies to grow their business and make it in South Africa. Not only do we have numerous tooling initiatives in place to match the capabilities of our members with the supply chain needs of manufacturers, but we also provide them with the key support systems and exposure that will boost their capacity while helping them to become recognised as a globally competitive tooling supplier.

Our members include a vast spectrum of tool and die companies that design, manufacture, repair or assemble tools, dies, moulds, jigs, fixtures, gauges, machinery, machining systems, robotics, automation equipment, models, patterns, general jobbing machine shop products and cutting tools.

TASA Gauteng Membership Benefits TASA Gauteng Membership Benefits TASA Gauteng Membership Benefits TASA Gauteng Membership Benefits TASA Gauteng Membership Benefits

Benefits of TASA Membership

As a TASA Gauteng Member, you will gain access to:


Shop floor management tools through the GTI Toolkit to support the consistent development of processes and procedures, and thereby improve standards and productivity from within.

Legal Support

A generic GTI contract and legal support to protect your business from threats associated with any form of contractual work

Competitive Edge

International benchmarking, gap analysis and remedial consultation as well as up-to-date information on industry trends and growth opportunities


A range of business development services in support of start-ups and small tool making companies in developing and implementing key growth strategies

Community & Networking

Opportunities to make contact with potential business partners, suppliers and customers through regular networking events such as the Afrimold Conference


Opportunities to assist future growth through recapitalisation interventions that are focussed on the sourcing of funds

Education & Training

Tool and die maker apprenticeships for on-the-job training for a period of three months

Clustering Initiatives

An opportunity for membership to the proposed tooling clusters to improve capacity and benefit from greater profitability, efficiency and reduced strain*

*subject to stringent conditions

Supplier Discounts

From time to time, tooling and manufacturing suppliers extend discounts exclusively to TASA Gauteng members, offering significant cost-savings

We encourage anyone who is involved in the tooling industry to become an active member of TASA Gauteng in order to realise the significant benefits, both financially and as a means to grow your business.

Find out more about the different membership types and how to become a TASA Gauteng member