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As a member-focussed organisation, TASA Gauteng aims to give members an advantage by providing them with key support systems and exposure to resources that they would otherwise not have had access to.  

Below are a few words from our members about their TASA Gauteng membership and the value it has brought to their companies.

“As a manufacturing business consultancy to the tooling and manufacturing industry, Albert Krüger Business Consultants were privy to the challenges of a sector in crisis.

“A lack of co-ordinated communication about tool supply in South Africa, combined with a huge move to import tools from foreign countries had a huge impact on South African businesses. Read Full Testimonial...”

Albert Krüger, Director: Albert Krüger Business Consultants

“Our company has been a member of TASA Gauteng since inception and this membership has given us access to a forum to discuss real problems that the tooling industry is currently facing as well as ways to remedy these issues in order to uplift a sadly neglected strategic industry in decay.

TASA membership has also introduced us to new training programmes for toolmakers and has given us valuable exposure locally and overseas, which is paramount to our business. To date, the motivation and drive that TASA Gauteng provides has showed measurable results in the sector we work in.”

Bevan Davis, Managing Director, Conver-Tek (Pty) Ltd

“Our membership with TASA Gauteng has given us access to valuable business support at government level through their presentations, which have shown us the importance of manufacturing and how to make use of local tool makers to produce better outputs and reduced costs.

We see a lot of value in what TASA Gauteng offers in that they have allowed us to create a strong manufacturing partnership with other TASA members, giving us access to their knowledge base while supporting the local tooling and manufacturing industry – something that is is very important to us.

The support that TASA Gauteng has always been willing to give us, be it time or money, has helped us to stay positive, even when times looked dark.”

Roland Meintjies, Procurement Manager, Ecovest Holdings (Pty) Ltd

“Our primary reasons for valuing our membership with TASA Gauteng include benchmarking against international machining rates and delivery times, apprentice training to provide the skills needed by the industry, legal assistance to challenge clients who always presented their contract as the only means to do business, as well as communication and clustering.

Through our membership with TASA Gauteng, UTP Group has identified the possibility to expand our tool making operations through the availability of skilled artisan tool makers and machinists.  Already, we have utilised students from the training programme during their on-the-job training period for the manufacture of moulds and dies, and look forward to welcoming certain individuals into permanent posts once they have completed their training.

TASA Gauteng plays a crucial part in the communication between the automotive industry and the Tool, Die & Mould (TDM) industry. Without a healthy TDM industry, the South African automotive industry will not be successful. TASA Gauteng has done well to lobby support from the DTI, IDC and AIDC to rebuild the South African TDM industry."

Markus Funk, UTP Group

“Through the dedicated work of TASA Gauteng, we have been able to develop business relationships with local tooling companies through the networking opportunities that members gain access to.

We feel that the continued support that TASA Gauteng offers to assist other members and promote local business activity is integral to maintain the health of the South African tooling industry as a whole.”

Gary Longshaw, Regional Manager South Africa, Intrinsys Ltd

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