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Contract Support

TASA Gauteng gives you free value-added advice depending on the nature of your request. Please contact TASA Gauteng's legal helpdesk at 012 643-1285 or 082 557-4222 for legal advice. Please be aware that the contracts below are strictly for reviewing purposes.

Offer to Supply / Contract Paragraphs and Forms

Please Note: The attached contracts are for example purposes only, and before a contract is to be used, we recommend that you contact TASA Gauteng Legal Department.

At TASA Gauteng we strive to give you access to all the resources and tools that will help you to strengthen your business in all areas of operation. This includes empowering you with a standard contract, legal support and mediation services to protect your business from threats associated with any form of contractual work should a dispute arise therefrom.

In the past, a lack of proper legal assistance available to the tooling industry meant that local tool makers and tool making companies were unable to challenge clients in the dispute process, often resulting in significant losses to their business.

TASA Gauteng has developed a standard contract that has been structured specifically for you by its established legal division to properly regulate the relationship between the “Tool maker” and “Client”, operating as a professional checklist to ensure that all the relevant technical aspects of the tooling purchase are addressed.

The legal division of TASA Gauteng is run by a senior attorney to the High Court. With more than 30 years’ uninterrupted practising experience, he is well versed in the sourcing, development and analysis of the TASA generic contract as well as conducting on-going research from shop-floor to corporate management to ensure the continued maintenance and updating of the contract.

Benefits of the TASA Gauteng standard contract

The contract provides for a structured agreement between the parties to address the crucial elements of quality, cost and delivery, as well as “built-in” conflict resolution mechanisms to reduce the possibility of legal action between the parties.

The purpose of the standard contract is ultimately to eliminate misunderstandings and conflict by setting out the ground rules of the relationship between all parties involved from the get go, allowing for a smoother and transparent working relationship for the duration of the contract.

Please Note:

To find out more about the standard contract and how to make use of it within your business, contact us.

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