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TASA Gauteng Memberships

TASA Gauteng recognises the role of tooling in manufacturing competitiveness as a stimulus for economic growth and job creation. As a member organisation created by the precision machining and tooling manufacturing industry, TASA outlines strategies to improve the capacity and capabilities of small to medium sized tool and die companies in Gauteng in order to help them become more competitive with exports from foreign countries. We do this by providing these companies with the critical business support, legal advice and skills development as well as the funding for technology and access to networking opportunities that will allow them to grow and prosper in a challenging economic environment.

In addition, we also aim to help these companies gain more exposure in the market through our local business directory which is made up of our member companies who provide tooling and tooling manufacturing services and products across South Africa. Click here to search our member database.

We understand the challenges and potential growth areas for the design, precision engineering and machining, automotive component, tooling, tool and die making, production, machine tool supply and application development sectors. Major issues that have been identified in these critical sectors include skills shortages, lack of investment into recapitalisation and competition from cheaper international suppliers, amongst others. In an effort to revitalise the local tooling industry for the benefit of the greater tooling and manufacturing sectors, we aim to contribute to a growing South African economy.

Our on-going work at TASA Gauteng is geared towards providing critical business intelligence and support systems to our members that will shape their strategy and help them to become more competitive.

Our various programmes and benchmarking initiatives are focussed on:
• Finding additional work and markets
• Finding skilled tool makers
• Sourcing of funds
• Running factories more profitably
• Protecting businesses from legal threats

We do this by providing a toolkit of applicable solutions that include recipes for recapitalisation, contracting templates for the manufacturing environment, implementing lean manufacturing processes and gaining access to the market.

TASA Gauteng is also dedicated to the creation of tooling clusters to increase capacity and improve delivery of the industry.

TASA Gauteng Memberships TASA Gauteng Memberships TASA Gauteng Memberships

Why join TASA Gauteng?

By joining TASA Gauteng, tooling companies can expect to achieve significant tangible benefits by gaining access to the people, information and resources that they need to stay competitive, successful, and profitable in today's business environment.

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Featured Testimonial

“Through the dedicated work of TASA Gauteng, we have been able to develop business relationships with local tooling companies through the networking opportunities that members gain access to.

We feel that the continued support that TASA Gauteng offers to assist other members and promote local business activity is integral to maintain the health of the South African tooling industry as a whole.”

Gary Longshaw, Regional Manager South Africa, Intrinsys Ltd

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