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Find quality leads easily with TASA Gauteng’s RFQ System

As a value-added benefit, TASA Gauteng has introduced a RFQ system which connects members with businesses that are looking for tool makers and precision engineers to quote on new manufacturing projects.

The RFQ System is essentially a platform for manufacturing companies to submit Request for Quotes detailing the nature and size of the projects as well as requirements for tooling supplies, which members can then access through the member portal and respond to directly.

The companies that use our RFQ service represent all major manufacturing industries including automotive and packaging.  For manufacturers, the benefit of the RFQ service is that they are able to find the right tool suppliers with the right equipment, expertise and capacity to fulfil the contract, and conversely, tool companies are given a free source of potential business.

The best way to benefit from our RFQ service is to log in to your TASA account regularly to view the latest RFQs and give timeous responses to ensure that your business is considered. There is also an opportunity to join the LinkedIn group which was created only for TASA members and we make announcements on this platform when RFQs are added to the website

What must you do to access and take advantage of the RFQs?

  1. Log in to your TASA Gauteng member account. If you’re not currently a member - click here to apply for membership.
  2. From the list of options on the left, select RFQs.
  3. This opens up a list of all RFQs submitted by manufacturers. You can browse through them and select ones to respond to. It is important to check in on a regular basis to have access to the latest RFQs.
  4. You can download documents attached to the RFQs to see exactly what it is the manufacturer needs.
  5. After looking through all RFQs, you can respond to the manufacturers with quotes and trust that they choose yours.

This is a direct access to business, meaning you don’t need to go out looking for it. The manufacturers already have a need for the tools and are waiting for your quotes, so log in today and start quoting!

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