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TASA membership offers various options for tooling and manufacturing companies in Gauteng to gain full access to all the benefits of being part of a recognised tooling association, including business support, networking events, funding and legal advice, to name a few. By becoming a member, tool and die companies are provided with the opportunities to grow and prosper, and as result, elevate their position in the broader manufacturing industry as amongst the best tooling manufacturers in South Africa.

How to Join

Is a substantial portion of your income (no less than 30%) directly linked to the design or manufacturing of tooling? Are you a customer of or supplier to the Tool, Die and Mouldmaking (TDM) industry?



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Are you an association, academic institution or college related to the field of tooling (e.g. CSIR, SABS, SEIFSA, University of Stellenbosch)? Are you a tool maker, technician, engineer or related industry professional employed within the tooling industry?



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Already a member of another Industry Organisation?

If you currently belong to an association related to the tooling and manufacturing industry, you will qualify for a 50% discount on your membership application to TASA Gauteng (applicants will be required to specify which association they belong to and provide a membership number).