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TASA Gauteng Company ProfileThe Toolmaking Association of South Africa (TASA) was established in 2004 as a non-profit organisation to represent the collective interests of the Tool, Die and Mouldmaking (TDM) and Precision Machining industries in support of the various manufacturing sectors that serve as key drivers for economic development in South Africa. TASA is a national body and has representation in all provinces through fully capacitated Section 21 companies in each region.

TASA was a driving force in the mobilisation of the National Tooling Initiative (NTI) and will remain an important and strong stakeholder in the process of the full establishment of the NTI which was created for the purpose of rehabilitating the South African TDM industry.

TASA Gauteng

TASA Gauteng Company ProfileAccounting for approximately 60% of national tooling production capacity, Gauteng boasts the largest industrial concentration in South Africa.

TASA Gauteng was set up by TASA and the Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED) as one of the Gauteng Provincial Government initiatives intended to create jobs in support of the Government’s Industry Development strategies. As such, it plays a significant role in promoting the improvement strategies of TASA within Gauteng for the purpose of creating a more sustainable and globally competitive TDM industry.

As a member organisation created by the toolmaking and precision machining industries, TASA Gauteng’s aim is to assist members to improve their competitiveness through the provision of valuable resources and in so doing, actively assists in the revitalisation of the TDM industry which is crucial for manufacturing as an underpinning industry.

TASA Gauteng has a Board of Directors representing TASA, the Regional Government, Training Institutions and interested parties from civil society. It fully complies with the Companies Act and presents audited financial statements annually to its stakeholders and funders. Click here to view TASA Gauteng’s Executive Committee Members.


To be the leading voice of the Tool, Die and Mouldmaking industry, and the foundation by which positive change is initiated to increase growth and fast-track the local manufacturing industry in a globally competitive market.

Mission Statement

To represent and lead the toolmaking industry through focussed initiatives that aim to revitalise tooling as a primary contributor to the success of South Africa’s growing manufacturing industry


Skills Development

• Through constant interaction with industry, TASA Gauteng has given more than 500 toolmaking apprentices the opportunity to receive on-the-job training at various toolmaking companies.

Enterprise Development

• SMME and BBBEE Development to gives local companies better access to the market
• Creation of tooling clusters to increase capacity and improve delivery of the industry
• Competitiveness improvement, including Lean Manufacturing rollout with a standardised GTI Toolkit
• Unlocking recapitalisation funding via a dedicated Helpdesk
• Support to get bigger market share for Gauteng TDM member companies
• Communication with Government on policy and protection

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