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About TASA GautengThe Tool, Die and Mouldmaking (TDM) industry is critical to achieve manufacturing competitiveness. In South Africa, the direct tooling industry represents a market of R13 billion per annum, with added maintenance services contributing another R2 billion per annum. There can be no manufacture without the tools to do so, and in order to create a sustainable manufacturing industry, steps need to be taken to ensure that the TDM industry achieves the highest quality and standards.

The tooling industry supports all manufacturing sectors and all manufacturing technologies. These include the automotive, packaging and electronics manufacturing industries.

The South African TDM industry has been in a steady rate of decline after having suffered years of underinvestment in the key components that are needed to sustain it. Reasons for this distress include:

• Skills erosion and job losses
• Critical shortage of artisans, engineers and project managers
• Radical changes in competitive Skills Value Chain
• Technology stagnation due to a lack of recapitalisation
• Loss of capacity
• Loss of competitiveness
• Absence of transformation in TDM industry
• Increasing imports – decreasing exports

Who is TASA?

About TASA Gauteng

The Toolmaking Association of South Africa (TASA) was established in 2004 to address the key issues affecting the tooling industry for the short, medium and long term well-being of the South African manufacturing sector.

TASA is dedicated to advancing, promoting and educating tool makers in South Africa through various initiatives that aim to strengthen the trade throughout each region, thus contributing to a better, more globally-competitive market share for economic growth.

In addition to the initiation and implementation of the National Tooling Initiative (NTI,) in conjunction with the DTI, TASA offers a number of essential services to industry members.

• Representative and unified voice for the TDM industry
• Recapitalisation programme
• Training for toolmaking apprentices to international standards
• Access to on-the-job training for TDM apprentices
• International benchmarking comparisons
• Facilitation of cluster development activities by member companies
• Facilitation of new business opportunities for members
• Helpdesk to support TASA members
• Assistance for sourcing of grants and training support
• Assistance with the development of competitive value chains
• Assistance with the implementation of planning, quality and financial management systems
• Financial and marketing support to participate at the annual Afrimold Exhibition and Conference
• Negotiation of computer hardware and software discounts on behalf of members

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